Pairs of shoes the whole process of the Company are handmade shoe master of working age and experience in more than 20 years, King Billy shoes specific inspiration for you to create pairs of shoes. (The only one, no branch look customers ten million clearly understand, prevent deception)

Customers directly in the Company selected a variety of shoes styles and consulting a variety of styles and consulting expertise.Available to samples, drawings, manuscripts and designed according to customer requirements.

The company also undertake external orders for small quantities (less than 200 pairs) only the best, not the most. Mass customization delivery time consultation between the two sides.

Price (RMB)
Men's shoes: (single shoes, sandals) -1800 ~ 2200     shoes: (single shoes, sandals) -1500 to 1700
To help -1900 to 2300 -1650 to 1950 help
-2000 To 2400 high boots high boots -1950 to 2400

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